AUTHOR NAME:

                             NIRMAL SETHIA




                              ON   INCOME   



                    Term  income  can be explained as the process of resource transfer

                    within the boundary of psychological fields.Psychological fields

                    is made up of generator psychology and expender psychology.

                    For the individual possesing generator psychological state this

                    transfer of resources is income  and the individual from whom

                    the resources has been transferred in that time frame  is possessed

                    with the expender psychological state.

                    Above view can be put into dynamic equation form also:-

                    PI(t) = GP(t) - EP(t)

                    PI is  psychological income, GP is generator psychological state, EP is expender

                    psychological state, t denote time.

                    Diffrence between above said   psychological states result into

                    income in some particular time frame t.

                   by assigning  numerical  value to GP which can be physical output

                   expressed in value, and to EP which can be disposable surplus

                   above relation can then be as per below:-

                   I(t) = O(t)  -   DS(t)

                   I income, O is value of physical output available for sale

                   and DS is disposable surplus to buy in value, t is time.

                   So term  income has been enquired from psychological which is

                   the basis as well as economics point of view.




                              ON    SURVIVAL   


                          The basis of survival seems to be  related with the 

                          presense of        the psychological element of

                         "curiosity".  The higher the degree of curiosity maniefest

                         in wide variety of  expressions  the stronger the urge of

                         surviving. Zero curiosity  is similar to the state of death first

                         in nonphysical  way then finally in physical way. Curiosity

                         is the driving force and when this curiosity transform in   

                         physical action lead to various technogical and other

                         developments.These developments generate   condusive

                         conditions for surviving.

                         In algebraic form simply it can be put forward as:-

                         S= f ( Cl)

                         S is survival factor, Cl is curioisity level. 


                              ON    PRODUCTION   



                          Process of  production can be explained as  a transformation

                          from the squeezed state to an expanded state . Something

                          which has been produced  has the utility  and utility is well

                          felt when it is in expanded state and not in squeezed state.

                          For example ,sand particles can be described as the

                          squeezed state  whereas crystals can be described

                          as a expanded state as crystals have high utility in

                          comparision to sand particles.   

                           Above can be put in simple algebraic form as follows;-

                           p=  f (S)

                           p is production,  S is squeezed state . Any change in

                           squeezed state  result into production . Positive change

                           is production ( which is expanded state).